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Flood Clean Up, Repair, Remediation, and Restoration Services.

Express Water Damage Repair, provide water damage repair & Restoration Services in Ocean Ridge FL. Water damage may cause serious problems such as mold, and if the water is contaminated with dangerous bacteria (from toilets), it may cause sickness. The water may even be highly contaminated by bacteria and other hazardous residues.

Our technicians are experts at flood damage restoration and have all the necessary training, certifications, and equipment to successfully handle a flood clean up and removing the excess water that is contaminated with sewage residues. Express Water Damage Repair is available to you 24/7 to provide emergency services, even during holidays. Our technicians have years of experience in water damage cleanup, repair, remediation, and restoration.

We strive to mitigate the damage caused to your property before starting the restoration process. The process begins with inspecting the property and all the damaged areas. If the home is risk-free (no permanent damage to the foundations), we will start the water extraction. After pumping all the water out, our technicians will begin a mold remediation process if needed.

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The flood damage restoration service includes repair and/or replacement of structural elements (i.e. rotted wood, ruined drywall), and of course, we keep your personal and decorative items safe during the whole process.

Flooding in a home causes more than just the obvious damage to the sofa, table, and books. Water damage may cause health problems as well as lead to rusted pipes and creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Our expert team of technicians uses advanced techniques and equipment to find these hidden problems so we can repair them before they turn to a more serious problem. Rest assured knowing that our technicians will be thorough and leave nothing behind.

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Guaranteed on site within 30 minutes of your call.

State Of the Art Equipment

Our top of the line water extraction equipment ensures thorough removal & decontamination of all moisture.

We Bill Your Insurance Directly

Leave the stressful claim process to us.

Certified & Highly Trained Technicians

All of our technicians are highly trained and employees, not subcontractors.

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