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Once your home has been hit by water damage, you cannot afford to wait around for a more convenient time to begin the process of water mitigation Boynton Beach. There are multiple side symptoms to a flood, the worst of all being mold and mildew growth, not only it is going to do severe damage to your property, but it will also put your health at risk. There is a small twenty-four-hour window after water damage occurs to get rid of potential threats such as mold. To prevent this situation, you need to contact a team of expert water remediation technicians, at Express Water Damage Repair we employ only the best professionals.

There are two reasons why our customers choose us to handle their water damage restoration Deerfield Beach, first of all, we have a fully qualified and dedicated team of technicians equipped with top of the line tools and instruments and are available 24/7, the second reason, we believe it is important to make the customer part of the Water damage cleanup Boynton Beach by providing them with the necessary information, so they feel involved and shed away that awful sense of helplessness that comes with a water damaged home.

Part of the information we tell our current and potential customers is how are their homes going to be restored, after the process of water mitigation Boynton Beach is finished. It normally involves six steps or phases, inspection, prevention, extraction, drying, containment, and monitoring, every company gives them a different name or add a couple more steps, but these ones are the most common and effective. As soon as our technicians arrive at your home, their works begin, they examine the affected area thoroughly to determine the level of water damage caused, after that, they will come up with a unique action plan suited for your current situation and start the process of water remediation Boynton Beach.

Understanding what the process of restoration entails, helps you to come up with your own ways to prevent water damage in the future, and while that is all good and well, you need to know that water damage restoration isn’t something you can tackle as a DIY project. Water damage cleanup Boynton Beach should always be done a professional and dedicated company, and there is no other better than Express Water Damage Repair.

Putting off water damage mitigation Boynton Beach can worsen the situation for your home, the longer the water sits the worst damage is going to be, and the restoration process will be excruciating for you. There are homeowners who consider themselves DIY enthusiasts and they believe a water restoration is a perfect project to tackle, but that would be a mistake, after all, the internet is the perfect source of material. If you are a do-it-yourselfer take a minute to look at the bigger picture.

Despite what you read in magazines or the internet, or what you see on television, water damage cleanup Boynton Beach is something that should only the done by professionals, and if you are looking for restoration companies Boynton Beach, Express Water Damage Repair is the answer to your prayers. Our technicians have years of experience handling this sort of projects, and they know exactly what to do, how to do it, and most importantly they do it quick and efficient. Also, our experts work with advanced equipment and protective gear necessary to clean your home, prevent further damage and even stop mold from growing.

Water Damage Repair Process


  • Inspection
  • Prevention
  • Water Extraction
  • Drying
  • Containment
  • Observation

Looking for one of the best water damage restoration companies Palm Beach Gardens? Express Water Damage Repair is your best ally during the terrible ordeal of having a flooded home whether by natural disaster or a burst pipe give us a call.

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There are three main reasons why should never treat water damage restoration Boynton Beach as a DIY project:

  1. Health risks: Water damage doesn’t always happen due to bathtub overflow or other sources of clean water, sometimes a sewage pipe bursts and heavy contaminated water floods your home. Our technicians use specialized equipment to protect themselves from these hazardous residues.
  2.  Hidden Damages: Water damage isn’t always obvious, and if you don’t know how to properly handle this situation, you might end up doing more damage than good. Our technicians are trained to locate and identify hidden water damage and restore the area before it is too late.
  3.  Peace and Quiet: When you are the expert services of Express Water Damage Repair, you can rest assure we will handle the situation to the best of our ability, and bring the restoration to successful completion, giving the peace of mind and tranquility you deserve.

    Are you looking for one of the best water damage restoration companies Boynton Beach? Express Water Damage Repair has everything you are looking for. We have been in business for years, meaning we have the experience and the reputation to back our claim of being the best, we also employ a professional and qualified staff completely at your disposal when the worst has happen.

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