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If water damage has happened to you, you have to act quickly and request a water damage cleanup from our expert team of technicians at Express Water Damage Repair before things get worst for you. When you got water bursting out of a broken pipe, sewer backing up, or a natural disaster strikes your neighborhood it can be hard to see past the current mess and focus on quickly mitigating the damage when there are a million questions running through your head. “What do I do now?”, “What is going to happen to my home?”, “is everything ruined?”, and finally, “is my homeowner insurance cover this?”


There is no going around it, water damage is truly one of the worst things it can happen to our homes. At Express Water Damage Repair we believe you should be given all the weapons available to help you against this troublesome issue, but remember, our expert technicians are only one phone call away.

Once your home has been hit by water damage, you cannot afford to wait around waiting for a more convenient time to begin the water mitigation process. There are multiple side symptoms to a flood, the worst of all being mold and mildew growth, not only it is going to do severe damage to your property, but it will also put your health at risk. There is a small twenty-four-hour window after water damage occurs to get rid of potential threats such as mold. To prevent this situation, you need to contact a team of expert water remediation technicians, if you are a resident of South Florida, Express Water Damage Repair employ only the best professionals.

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The causes of water damage are pretty clear. However, to make matters easy and keep the process going smoothly water damage restoration companies have further categorized it in three different types. That is why it is important you let a professional water remediation company assess the situation and determine what is needed to begin the water remediation process. The first category is “Clean Water” or water free from dangerous contaminants to humans. Common causes are sink overflow. Category 2 is “Gray Water” or water slightly contaminated by dangerous bacteria that may cause sickness. Common causes are broken toilets and seepage among others. Category 3 is “Black Water” or water highly contaminated by bacteria and other hazardous residues. Under any circumstances, you should attempt black water damage clean up by yourself. Express Water Damage Repair in Palm Beach County has a fully trained and certified team of expert technicians available 24/7 to handle your water damage emergencies.

Within the aforementioned categories, there are 4 known classes or “levels” of water damage which are necessary for the water cleanup company to identify when assessing water damage restoration options. The first class or level is the least harmful of all. It means the problem was dealt with quickly and the materials absorb very little of the water. Water remediation is done quickly and smoothly with this level of damage. Level or class 2 includes a fast evaporation rate, meaning your carpets and cushions may be beyond repair, water damage repair is more complicated on this level. Class 3 has the highest evaporation rate of all four levels. The water originates from broken sprinklers or other overhead sources, leaving your walls and furniture soak. Water remediation is more complicated at this level. Finally, there is level 4, it requires special water restoration and water removal techniques. The professional technicians at Express Water Damage Repair in Palm Beach County are fully capable of handling all levels of water damage.  

Putting your home through a water damage restoration process can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, natural disasters don’t occur on a daily basis, and pipes don’t tend to break or leak all the time, but when the worst happens, you can always trust the efficient and renowned water restoration service of Express Water Damage Repair in Palm Beach County. 

Home flooding become a common problem when it rains, especially basement flooding caused by malfunctioning sump pumps and heavy rainfall. It is important to keep your sump pump up-to-date to avoid future problems. Other common causes of water damage come from plumbing leaks or drain overflow. Most people believe dealing with water damage is as easy as getting a mob, a wet vacuum, or setting up a couple of fans and let it dry, but that is a mistake. Most homeowners are unfamiliar about the right techniques employed by restoration companies to properly deal with water damage. That is why, when you are facing a terrible situation like a flooded home, and you are searching for restoration companies near me in South Florida, there is no better choice than Express Water Damage Repair in Palm Beach County.

Client Testimonials

““We suffered a catastrophic water heater failure that resulted in significant damage to our home. Stressed, I called Express Water damage repair. Moshe calmly walked me through the remediation and repair process and advised me that he could send his team to our home to begin work within the hour. Moshe is a man of his word! His team came to our house promptly and they worked diligently to mitigate the damages.  The team was exceptional. Moshe advised me what his team would do to remediate and repair our home, and Moshe’s team did exactly what he said they would do–and they did it in a timely, courteous and highly professional manner”.”

Jordan T.

Express Water Damage Repair worked directly with our insurance company. They promptly documented all the work performed, and prepared a comprehensive estimate of the needed repairs. We are so very grateful to Moshe and to their team! Overall, they were extremely courteous, highly professional, and they did a masterful job! If you ever suffer a water damage event, call Express Water Damage Repair. They are truly exceptional!.”

Nancy J.

Did you know that steel pipes can rust and disintegrate? Ours did, from the kitchen sink drain, and it left a horrendous mess. 

Express Water Damage Repair crew was quick to respond and clean up the water damage. The workers were extremely professional. They treated our home with care.

The cupboards, counter, backsplash, rusted pipe, sink, and flooring were replaced. We are beyond pleased with the work. Thanks to Express Water Damage Repair we have a functioning sink and beautiful kitchen after many weeks..”

Lauren A.

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