Haverhill Leak Repair

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Express Water Damage Repair swiftly responded to a distress call from a customer in Haverhill, Florida, seekingassistance for water and mold damage in their residential property. In this case, there was a leak in the bedroom ceiling, significant mold growth on the carpet beneath the leak, and widespread mold growth on the walls of the room.

Upon receiving the customer’s call, our dedicated team mobilized immediately to address their concerns. We approached the restoration process in a systematic, professional manner to ensure the property was returned to its pre-damage state.

Initial Assessment

First, affected areas were meticulously assessed. Our technicians, well-versed in identifying water damage sources and potential hazards, conducted a thorough examination. Taking this first step lays the foundation for what follows.

The Cleaning Process

We prioritized vacuuming and disposing of contaminated carpeting, as well as removing contaminated furniture and belongings. Furthermore, the affected areas were thoroughly scrubbed to remove visible mold growth.

Haverhill Leak Repair

Mold Remediation

We used industry-standard techniques to apply specialized cleaners and anti-microbial solutions. In addition to eliminating existing mold, this also prevented future growth. Our technicians and the customer’s family were both protected by the deployment of HEPA air scrubbers.

Structural Repairs

Water leak damage was identified through a systematic inspection of the ceiling and walls. In addition to drywall replacement, crack sealing was also performed as a proactive measure. Water damage and mold growth were prevented through this crucial step of fortifying the affected areas.

Water Damage Restoration

To remove standing water and eliminate residual moisture, our technicians used pumps, dehumidifiers, and air movers.During this process, cleaning and deodorizing agents were applied, ensuring the removal of lingering odors as well as restoring the freshness of the treated areas.

Final Cleaning and Restoration

We provided thorough cleaning and sanitization of the entire room, including the flooring, walls, and ceilings. As a final touch, any residual odors or contaminants were removed, leaving the customer’s environment pristine and fully restored.

We are proud of our success with this project in Haverhill, Florida. The property was completely restored to its pre-damage condition due to our dedication to addressing the root cause of the water leak, eliminating mold growth, and completing necessary structural repairs. For more information or guaranteed satisfaction, please contact us at 954-266-0505.