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If you have recently suffered through the nightmarish experience of a flood or bursting pipe and your home have succumbed to water damage the first thing that came to your mind probably was “What the heck do I do now?” Well, the first step you need to take towards a proper water damage cleanup Boca Raton is to stop any remaining active leaks in the house. This can be easily done before the technicians at Express Water Damage Repair arrive at your location to start the water damage restoration Boca Raton, locate the main water valve and shut it off.

In case you have no idea how to shut down the main water valve, let it to the pros at Express Water Damage Repair in Boca Raton. Once you have put a stop to all the active leaks, all you have to do is wait for the experts to arrive and assess the situation and determine the best course of action to start the water remediation West Palm as quickly as possible to prevent other related issues from developing.

Looking for the best water mitigation company West Palm? Then look no further, Express Water Damage Repair is your best option, we have the experience, reputation, and the most qualified team of experts all at your disposal.

How is a home restored after a water damage removal Boca Raton?

First off, all water damage restorations are uniquely different, and the amount of work it takes to complete it depends on a wide variety of factors like the size of the affected area, for how long it was exposed to water, and also to the type of water which caused the flood. When our inspectors at Express Water Damage Repair arrive at your home, they will conduct a thorough inspection and come up with a comprehensive project timeline tailor specifically for your situation.

Tips to prevent water damage in Boca raton

Express Water Damage Repair is one of the best water mitigation company West Palm. There are many reasons why our customers choose us over the competition, we have the experience, the reputation, the most qualified team of technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, but most important of all our honesty. We understand how expensive water damage cleanup Boca Raton can be, depending on how long the damage was left unrepair, the type of water and several other factors, that is why if your home has already suffered water damage, and was successfully restore by our water damage repair Boca Raton team, we want to share these useful tips on how to prevent water damage in the future, it is important to note that these are suggestions and depending on the cause of the water damage, may not work 100%. 

Water damage is the main cause of weakening foundations in a home, which happens to be what keeps your house together. When it hits, it can mean serious structural complications for the future, for example, wet wood is the perfect home for termites and carpenter ants, also, wood and other porous materials are the perfect growing place for mold and mildew. Preventing water damage is essential, and hopefully, these tips will help you accomplish that.

Clean your gutters. Make sure your gutter and other drains through the house are kept clean and free from any debris that may cause them to get clogged. Poor drainage can lead to weakening foundations and cracks, creating the perfect pathways for water to get into your home. To prevent this from happening, make sure you keep your gutter clean, otherwise, water ran down through the sides damaging your siding and foundations.

Keep your sump pump up-to-date. If you live in a place with a heavy rain season, then you need to have a sump pump in your home. If you do own one, make sure you keep it operational, finding out that it is broken when a storm hit isn’t exactly the perfect situation. Schedule proper maintenance at least once a year and during storm season perform regular checks on it to ensure it’s working properly. Remember malfunctioning sump pumps are one of the leading causes of flooded basements.

Check for leaks and fix them. Repairing any or all leaks is important for two reasons, number one to prevent your home from getting flooded and number two unattended leaks lead to mold and mildew, and getting rid of these pesky invaders can be difficult and expensive, additionally there are all sorts of complications derived from leaks, ruined cabinets, carpets, rugs, drywall, wallpaper, weakening foundations, cracks, the list goes on and on.

If you are looking the best water damage restoration companies Boca Raton, the answer is always going to be Express Water Damage Repair our professional teams of technicians will be the perfect ally to handle all your water damage problems.

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